Domain Of Dragons

A quest is born

  • Kratos (dragonborn, “aspect” and mercenary) receives a mission from the Silvestri in Vaethroden– find the point where magic converges near the borderlands and take a magical reading. On his travels, he passes through Halderon and happens upon Nemeia, another aspect (Tiamat/monk acolyte) (and the first he has ever seen).

Nemeia is on a day-trip to her hometown, Halderon, to pick up supplies for her Monastery (Lekuulo) and is haggling with a merchant over honey when she notices Kratos. Lifelong friend, Farrenduil (high elf acolyte to the thieves guild), bursts into this awkward introduction with other supplies for Nemeia.

Nemeia, Katros and Farrenduil take the conversation to the local tavern. Katros informs them that he has been asked to investigate something and asks if they would accompany him on his mission. Nem and Faren are interested, but the three end up in a bar fight when Faren uses sleight of hand in an attempt to confuse the bartender into paying for their drinks. The tavern’s bouncer forcefully takes the money, but having just welcomed these traveler’s into his company, Katros hits the bouncer square in the jaw, spittle flying and possible dislocation of said jaw. All the tavern-goers fall silent and the place clears out, so the three traveler’s sit down to have another brew.

The following day, Nemeia seeks council from the Order of Lekuulo and is given the permission she seeks to travel with Katros and learn more about what the Silvestri are so interested in. Faren meets with an agent of Barock(?) of the thieves guild and is also granted a leave to travel with Nemeia and Katros.

  • Meanwhile, somewhere in the depths of The Lynk Wood, a young wood elf (druid apprentice), Tamlyn, is tending her cottage when Desdamina (high elf druid) appears on her doorstep in search of a warm fire and place to rest. Tamlyn is full of inquiry about what it is like to be a wandering druid since her adopted mother and caretaker had passed and she had been living a solitary life ever since. As the talk continues into the night, Desdamina invites Tamlyn to accompany her in the search for what is causing the strange droughts that were beginning to affect their lands.

On the road to the magical convergence, Desdamina and Tamlyn have set up camp. They hear footsteps approaching and run for cover, but Tamlyn (in her inexperience) forgets to grab her knapsack.

  • As they approach the campsite, Nemeia warns her fellow traveler’s that something is off… but Faren, ever questing for free gear, immediately starts ruffling through the knapsack. Forgetting herself, Tamlyn pokes her head out from behind her rock and tells Faren to quit it, that’s her stuff. The group is wary of each other, but Desdamina charms the newcomers by convincing them that she was sent their to meet them and to guide them on their quest. Without questioning it (much), Katros confides that he has this 3-piece equipment that he is meant to measure the magical energy with. The group can now see a strange light in the distance that is going straight into the sky, they believe this to be the source of magical energy where they may find some answers ( Pillar of Fire
  • Upon arriving on the neighboring hilltop to the magical beam of light, the group notices there is a short, spiked wall, clearly some kind of camp that has been made around the pillar of fire. They determine to wait until dark and send Faren and Nem to scope out the scene. True to their training Faren & Nem are able to sneak in and out of the camp unnoticed and witness very strange things: they hear off-beat drumming and see Gnolls (half wolf, half man) dancing with abandon. The Gnolls seem to be unfed, but some are eating their brethren. A bloodcurdling scream takes their attention and they see a Gnoll with his arms and legs held out being fed into the Pillar of Fire. When he is pulled back out he is covered in fatal burns.

After reporting back to the rest of their group as to what they have seen, they decide to sneak into camp and dispatch of Gnolls so they can study the anomaly and take magical readings. Unfortunately, the general tide of this evening’s battle could have gone much better. The highlights are:
-Nem stumbles and nearly gives away the group as they sneak into camp (but Faren catches her)
- Two Gnolls are feasting on their burned friend, and are surprised when the group attacks from the shadows.
- Tamlyn always hits her mark with her crossbow but she can’t decide on a target so she injures several Gnolls
- Katros keeps missing his target with his Morningstar, goes into a battle rage, tries to breathe ozone at the attacking Gnolls but ends up stumbling mid-breath and burns his own face
- Desdamona throws a tangled roots spell that was meant to tangle her opponent, however, she also is unable to entrap the targeted Gnoll. When she tries to fling acid instead she ends up setting her robes on fire and has to retreat to a safer distance
- Nem runs in with sword swinging, but she is tripped up by the oblivious, dancing gnoll. As she swings and misses the gnoll, she immediately becomes the target of their hunger and is savagely attacked by two of them at once.

Nem ends up with severe lacerations up and down her back, and an inability to protect herself. She is unconscious when Faren and Tamlyn are finally able to kill the two attacking Gnolls (and more importantly, keep them from eating her). Katros is enraged and beheads one of the Gnolls while the companion is shaking from fright. Eventually all of the Gnolls have been dispatched and Tamlyn is able to staunch Nemeia’s wounds and stabalize her for the near future though she will probably be unconscious for about an hour.


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