Domain Of Dragons

Entry 2- why we shouldn't have gone into that cave.

As written by Desdamona

This is ridiculous.

We keep being side tracked.

After securing what we needed from the pole of light, we started to travel back to the Magical College of Magic. We were joined by a Gnome, who, apparently had been watching us from afar.And yet didn’t come and help us when we were almost killed by the knolls… anyway, she is with us now.

Unfortnualy, one of our party (Nemeia) felt the need to recoup, and we did not see her, but hopefully we shall soon.

We passed though a village, and, since they had a decent bed and some food, we stayed the night.

Merlin, was that a mistake. For some reason, we are still not sure why, the heavens opened and the town flooded. “flooded” does not describe what happened, it was utter choas. The entire town was swept away. There was fire and brimstone, Frenduil, i have to say was particularly courageous. She helped me numerous times with rope and such. She and the gnome seem to be getting along well.

We did everything we could, and saved most of the villagers. Sadly, that dragon born fool, Kronous, killed this beautiful dire wolf. I must remember to thank the gods for his spirit.

Oh and i saved someone’s life! Of course, now that we had saved all these villagers, we had no where to take them. So, we set out (with goats, my new horse, which i ALSO nobly saved from the flood, and around 50 villagers). Eventually, we had to stop, and the only available shelter was cave. Now, this cave had a dark reputation, we had even heard about it at the tavern last night. It was supposed to be cursed. Haunted. Made you go mad. Attacked you at night.

“ohhhh no!” some idiot said. “I’m sure its fiiiiiine”. Probably some stupid halfling. “let’s go in!”

Well, we did, after being assured by the owner of the land that it was all just stories. So, we went in. At first it was fine, everyone fit at least. But everyone was weary and most wanted nothing more than to collapse in exhaustion. Obviously, this was the perfect time to casually drop into conversation….

“So guys- i’m really sorry, but…i’m-totally-sorry-i-lied-to-you-imn-ot-actually-part-of-the-magical-college-of-magic” So yeah. I confessed my lie. But i timed it pretty well, so the stupid dragon born was far more interested in just getting dry. He grunted a few questions at me and rolled away, seemingly unbothered. The other gave me odd looks, but they too, had bigger fish to fry, and let it pass.

It was on my watch (of course it was) that things started to go wrong.

The owner of the land (who had ASSURED us that everything was fine) got up, walked to the wall…and disappeared. Gone, totally. I gathered everyone and set out to follow him…in to the most disgusting place i could imagine. it was dark and slimly and there were these fish people everywhere! It was awful. It was…unnatrual. Well, we battled our way through and came to a bigger room…and a much bigger problem. We arrived just in time to see the owner of the land being thrown into this acid pool, i can hardly describe it. in fact, i dont want to describe it, its enough to say that we had another battle, and we won, barely. We did manage to find a beautiful (and magcail) sword, but that too, is a myserty.

The gnome seems to be doing well, she is amusing at least, and helpful at points.

There is a bright side to all this; now that we have been in our second battle (and i was just about the only person not to die!) every some seemed to have become slightly more experienced. Perhaps only by a little, but we do seem to be becoming slightly better at this whole thing…

God i hope tomorrow is better, i want to be clean again.


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