Domain Of Dragons

Jan. 25 game summary from Domille

I got mad writing skillz

Nemeia scouted ahead when we started travelling to Olym, Thalas. We reached a clearing and decided to stop there for lunch. It has delicious raspberries. We see a red dragon fly over us. We hear a huge cat-like roar and lots of noise. The red dragon was fighting our dragon. Small bronze dragon saved our dragon, but got hurt in the process. When the group found the bronze dragon, Domille healed him. The group also found out that the dragon was the one that slept with our druid.

The group went to the tree city and found out that Braxil is responsible for the pillars. However, we vowed to look into the rain issue.

We found the black dragon who ended up being Nemeia’s father. He took our hearts to secure our return from the teeth with a heart of a dragon for his research.

The group went to capture magic animals to help Olym Thalas to withstand an attack. We captured the basilisk eggs (and defeated a basilisk along the way) and found Nydah. She told us that she made a deal with a woodswitch to make rain happen because of the draught. The hag requested 12 sacrifices for each month. The hag is in the other world, so now we are going to go to the portal to deal with her.


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