Isryn Ahkan


Elf. Male. Late middle years.
Isryn has the deathly pale almost blue complexion and white hair common to high elves. His demeanor is cold and humorless. Over his fine clothes, he wears the raiment of the Silvesri, a soft grey woolen cloak clasped with a silver dragon.


Isryn is an agent of the Silvestri stationed in Haberlin. He hired Kratos to survey the Pillar of Fire to test his reliability. Later he strong armed several of the party into signing oaths of allegiance to the Silvestri. Most of the party resisted this obligation and he was forced to try a different tactic. This time he offered the tittle Argent of the Silvestri, a postion of power, to each person. Kratos, Domille, and Desdamona chose to accept.

Should they need resources from the Silvestri, Isryn is their contact there.

Isryn also has some sort of personal history with Brolryn Skald.

Isryn Ahkan

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