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  • Adventures on the Flatstone

    Group: Domile, Farinduil, Nemeia and Roywin with a wagon and astride riding horses (and a mastiff in Roywin's case) * 11th of Liben The two villagers from the Gnoll attack in the ravine told us we could find their village (what was left of it) …

  • Flatstone

    A town at the edge of [[The Flat Stones | The Flat Stones]]. It was best known as the source of [[Sucre]], a mind altering chemical. The town was attacked by gnolls in Early Fall of Nym 558.

  • Pillar of Air

    A thread of turbulent air that reaches 20 feet into the sky, the pillar is believed to be one of 12 referenced in a [[The Prophecy | prophecy]] by Chaulinic. The pillar sits on the eastern side of the [[The Flat Stones | The Flat Stones]], where it …

  • Mazodo

    Mazodo was the leader of a clan of [[The Servitor Races | goatmen]] living under [[The Flat Stones | The Flat Stones]]. He claimed his people were the last of the servants of [[Solzemaria]]. He convinced the party to distract a band of gnolls who were …