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  • Haberlin

    Haberlin is a trading city showing signs of strain. It is predominantly human. It has broad avenues throughout. The wealthy and merchant class areas boast brick houses, but many of these look slightly shabby. The predominant architectural shape is the …

  • The Wicker Goat

    A mid-range tavern and inn located in [[Haberlin | Haberlin's]] market district. The main tap room is large, open and airy. The furniture is simply made in light toned woods, along one wall is a stage where small plays and performances are staged. The …

  • Silvestri Vault, Haberlin

    [[File:393266 | class=media-item-align-none | z-Vault.jpg]] Seat of the [[Haberlin]] chapter of the [[Silvestri]]. An impressively tall white marble building. Everything about the architecture sweeps upward. It’s spires and buttresses are slender, …

  • Bipentic Church of Divine Order

    The Church of the divine order is the largest [[Bipentism | Bipentic]] church in [[Haberlin]]. The main building of the church is a long narrow building that faces the [[Silvestri Vault, Haberlin | Silvestri Vault]]. The building is solid and dignified. …

  • Open Hands Mission

    A charitable mission in the city of [[Haberlin]], associated with the [[Bipentic Church of Divine Order | Bipentic Church of Divine Order]]. It is a large wooden structure in the poor quarter. The mission is simple but in good repair. It offers medical …

  • Wranhorn Castle

    A large castle and walled estate grounds in the east bank of the River of Men in [[Haberlin]]. Home of the Duke Naejor Wranhorn. The duke theoretically takes audience with his subjects, but they are impossible to arrange.

  • Haberlin Market

    The [[Haberlin]] market consists of several streets of permanent shops, as well as a large open space where traveling merchants pitch tents and park carts. The open space is paved in cobble stones and shaded by old growth trees. On a pretty day the air is …

  • Sunken Castle

    The buried ruins of an ancient castle, half a days journey north of [[Haberlin]]. A tower was revealed when a portion of the hillside sheared away after heavy rains. The party was asked to investigate the structure to ascertain its value as an …

  • School of Theoretical Magic

    A college of magic in [[Haberlin]] The STAA is a collection of disparate buildings built in widely varying styles. The buildings were clearly built over many years. Though green space flows between the buildings, it does little to unify them. Most …

  • Three Vials

    An apothecary/potion shop in [[Haberlin]]. Owned by Osley Rynhelm and his wife Liiane who went missing about a week before the rains began. NPCs [[:joze-locke | Joze Locke]] [[:dera-locke | Dera Locke]] [[:osley-rynelm | Osley Rynelm]]

  • Daltil Arms

    A blacksmith/armorer in the market district of [[Haberlin]]. Sells ready made items and takes commissions. [[:daltilbalarr | Daltil Balarr]]

  • Joze Locke

    Father of [[:dera-locke | Dera Locke]]. Works at the [[Three Vials]] Joze ran the general store in [[Ghatford]] prior to the flood that destroyed the town. During the flood his daughter was rescued by Kratos. After he relocated to [[Haberlin]], …

  • Dera Locke

    Daughter of [[:joze-locke | Joze Locke]]. During the [[Ghatford]] flood, Dera was rescued from her burning home by Kratos. She is currently experimenting with all the magical ingredients she can get her hands on, a task made easier by her father's job …

  • Brolryn Skald

    Proprietor of the [[The Wicker Goat | The Wicker Goat]]. Wife of [[:aelin-tassir | Aelin Tassir]]. Former [[Order of Lekuulo |Lekuulo]] monk.

  • Isryn Ahkan

    Isryn is an agent of the [[Silvestri]] stationed in [[Haberlin]]. He hired Kratos to survey the [[Pillar of Fire | Pillar of Fire]] to test his reliability. Later he strong armed several of the party into signing oaths of allegiance to the Silvestri. Most …

  • Poln

    Poln is an acolyte in the [[Bipentic Church of Divine Order | Bipentic Church of Divine Order]]. His counterpart is [[:nyev | Nyev]].

  • Nyev

    Nyev is an acolyte in the [[Bipentic Church of Divine Order | Bipentic Church of Divine Order]]. Her counterpart is [[:poln | Poln]].

  • Barlock

    A member of the Haberlin Thieves Giuld, he used to be apprentice master but now Barock is a fence. He can be found in the [[The Gold Mine]]. Barock was responsible for bringing Nemeia into the thieves guild. He'd intended to leverage to boost his …

  • Osley Rynelm

    Co-owner of [[Three Vials]]. His wife, Liiane Rynelm, disappeared mysteriously a few weeks ago.

  • Lenzem

    Desdemona and Farenduil met Len in the town of [[Maydell]]. He was alerted them to the fact that they were killing commoners, not gnolls.... though he seemed oddly unmoved by the deaths. After a raccoon delivered a message to [[:larnil-sammin | Larnil …

  • Daltil Balarr

    Owner of [[Daltil Arms | Daltil Arms]]. He sometimes works with _______ to add magical enchantments to his blades.

  • Aelin Tassir

    Wife of [[:brolryn-skald | Brolryn Skald]]. An actress and performer, currently starring in a production of [[Ardell's Folly | Ardell's Folly]].

  • Pollic Wain

    A refugee from the town of [[Flatstone | Flatstone]], Pollic was rescued from gnolls by Nemeia, Roywyn, and Domille. He became separated from his wife and daughter in the attack on Flatstone. He is currently seeking refuge in [[Haberlin]].