Tag: Town


  • Haberlin

    Haberlin is a trading city showing signs of strain. It is predominantly human. It has broad avenues throughout. The wealthy and merchant class areas boast brick houses, but many of these look slightly shabby. The predominant architectural shape is the …

  • Ghatford

    Hamlet (200, Human) Ghatford was originally a small farming town two days travel north of [[Haberlin]] along the Mander River. It’s been hit hard by the drought and the population had dwindled to about 70. The residents remaining residents were mostly …

  • Reandred

    Reandred is an ancient dwarven city on the banks of Lake Korin. The residents there are secretive about their city and fiercely independent. Reandred is one of the few cities that has risen to prominence yet without the protection of a dragon. [[File: …

  • Flatstone

    A town at the edge of [[The Flat Stones | The Flat Stones]]. It was best known as the source of [[Sucre]], a mind altering chemical. The town was attacked by gnolls in Early Fall of Nym 558.