The Year consists of 252 days, broken up into 12 months of 21 days each. Each month is further divided into three weeks of seven days each.

Aurilen early spring

  • 1st – First day of spring
  • 17th – Spring courts open in Olym Thalas

Taulic mid spring

  • 12th – Spring Gloriata in Olym Thalas

Gemmil late spring

  • 20th – Bahamut’s Eve
  • 21st – Bahamut’s Day (Summer Solstace)

Cancerust early summer

  • 1st – First day of Summer
  • 17th – Summercourts open in Olym Thalas

Leorust mid summer

  • 12th – Summer Gloriata in Olym Thalas

Vigon late summer

Liber early fall

  • 1st – First day of Autumn
  • 17th – Autumn courts open in Olym Thalas

Scoperust mid fall

  • 12th – Autumn Gloriata in Olym Thalas

Sag late fall

  • 20th – Tiamat’s Eve
  • 21st – Tiamat’s Night (Winter Solstace)

Caprust early winter

  • 1st – First day of winter
  • 17th – Winter courts open in Olym Thalas

Aqulim mid winter

  • 12th – Winter Gloriata in Olym Thalas

Piserust late winter

  • 21st – New Makers Day (Spring Equinox)


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