Old Makers Day

Old Makers day is a Bipentic religious holiday that occurs on the autumn equinox each year. It celebrates the responsibilities of patrons to the artisans they sponsor. The relationship between artist and patron is seen as a mirror of the relationship between the sentient races and the gods Tiamat and Bahamut.

Old Makers day is celebrated with a day of performances and music followed by an evening of feasting and the exchange of gifts. Actors and Musicians premiere new works, enterprising craftspeople sell goods, and there is plenty of food and eat, paid for by the church. During the artisans open their workshops and potential patrons seek out new creators to sponsor.

In the mid afternoon are formal ceremonies devoted to the advancement of artisans within their guilds. Marriage proposals, contracts, and appointments to office made are finalized and celebrated as well.

In the evening, handmade gifts are exchanged. Employers give gifts to their employees, and parents give gifts to children. Patrons send gifts to artists in order to signal interest in commissioning works.

Old Makers Day

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