Order of Lekuulo

The Order of Lekuulo is a monastery a day and half’s travel east of Haberlin. It’s existence is widely known though its actual teachings are not. The Monastery survives by brewing and selling spirits. It’s signature spirit is Lekul an herbal liqueur, its hard cider is also widely available.

The Order accepts most supplicants. These acolytes spend many years in study before they become full fledged monks. The principal job of an acolyte is to contemplate Drin, which translates roughly as the road. The goal of a monk is to become one with Drin, a being of conscious, concise, and directed action.

For some, the pursuit of Drin focuses on meditation and introspection. For others, the pursuit of The Road requires them to Wander. All monks wander for at least a short time after becoming an acolyte but before reaching full status as a monk.

Through many years of dedication, a monk may rise in the ranks of the order. Not all the secrets of Drin are available to all monks. Only the highest rank monks are privy to all the directives that make up the Drin.

The Order of Lekuulo takes the wind as its symbol, which it depicts as a knotted thread passing back and forth over itself. This symbol represents both the complexity and ever shifting nature of Drin.

Common greeting:
“Nomag wer suaco kagn wux” (May the wind carry you)

Words to live by:
“A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache”
“If a man knows not his destination, any wind is the right wind”
“One cannot change the direction of the wind, but one can always adjust one’s sails”

Order of Lekuulo

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