The Prophecy

With constant questing to be free.
a god erased twists futilely.
Despite his sorrow and his rage,
no key, no lock, no door, this cage
must break from outside force and aid.
How to the lost are allies made?

With cunning sly and arcane art
he whispers to the deep kept heart,
and sings sweet words of endless pow’rs,
until desire all thought devours.
At last an ear heard loud his pact
a dragon son for him will act.

The spell is cast as fate demands
twelve columns raised across the lands
three each of fire, air, water, soil.
Below each one the servants toil,
to feed the gate until it rents
and liberates four-fold torments.

Against this threat and chaos blight
the true keys will emerge to fight,
but when the foes are slain with steel
still looming is the god’s Bastille.
Into the earth they will descend,
to face a god, then worlds will end.

The Prophecy

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