Domain Of Dragons

Adventures on the Flatstone

Group: Domile, Farinduil, Nemeia and Roywin with a wagon and astride riding horses (and a mastiff in Roywin’s case)

  • 11th of Liben The two villagers from the Gnoll attack in the ravine told us we could find their village (what was left of it) south of the Flatstone. We sent them towards the monastery where they should be safe. The man was clearly in shock and possibly suffering withdrawal from a drug.
  • 13th of Liben As a group we investigated the town of Flatstone but found nothing save tracks leading toward the actual flatstone. We followed the tracks and could see evidence of a camp in the distance. A Satyr approached us – one of the servitors of the white dragon Solzemaria who hadn’t been seen in 800 years. The Satyr requested our help with the villagers. There were too many Gnolls for his people to take on, but if we could distract most of them and get them away from the camp his Satyrs could rescue the townsfolk. We asked why and he told us the townsfolk and Satyr’s had a symbiotic relationship. We trusted him because we were all very gullible.
  • 13th of Liben We hatched a plan. Our best rider was Domile, so our plan was based around Domile making a scene and drawing away the Gnolls from their camp and into a ravine where the rest of us could attack. We built a rockslide trap on the edge of the ravine as well as a pit trap with spikes in the ground. We knew we would be outnumbered so we hoped this plan would work. Domile tried to attract the Gnoll’s attention, but while she was able to anger a few of them, their commander shouted at them to stay in the camp. Domile could think of nothing else to do so she returned and we regrouped. On our second attempt, Nem cast a stealth spell and snuck into the camp and into the Commander’s tent so that she could mimic her voice. Once Domile attracted attention, this time Nem told all of the Gnolls to give chase – and it worked! The Gnolls followed Domile through the ravine, Farin triggered the rock slide, and the Gnolls were destroyed either in the rockslide or shortly thereafter.
  • 13th of Liben Returned to the Gnoll camp and discovered it was empty of Gnolls and of the prisoners. Farin recovered enchanted armor for Domile, and we also discovered a pillar of air – one of the 12 pillars we thought – as well as coded letters between the Gnoll Commander and (we assume) a Gnoll General. The Commander was holding this position to create an army of wind – we think he was planning on sacrificing the villagers.
  • 14th of Liben The drug den of the Satrys: We followed the tracks of the villagers and Satyrs to check on the villagers well being since the tracks did NOT, in fact, lead back to the village. The tracks lead to an underground establishment under the flatstone itself. Weird yellow gases were emitting from some holes, but two did not have gases. We snuck in through one of these and immediately started fighting our way through the drug den. Domile was the first to get affected by the raw Sucre in the air, then Farin, and finally Nem all felt the effects of the Sucre in their system. Giggling ensued, Domile couldn’t speak a coherent sentence, and Nem grew wildly optimistic and self-assured of her battle prowess! The team fought off a giant heart in the middle of the a cold lake. We don’t think that we killed it, but it did sink deep into the depths where we could no longer see it. We freed the villagers, collected samples of raw Sucre and lake water for Derra, and retreated back to the village of Flatstone. The village was in ruins, but we managed to scrounge food in the nearby forests and rested for a 5 days with the villagers.
  • 19th of Liben Onwards! After 5 days of rest we appointed a leader for the remaining villagers and sent them in the direction of Haberlin. Our plan at this point is to continue south towards the city of Olyn Thalas to seek out rumors of a black dragon – which Nem is very curious about..


This is great Kate, thanks! I’ve added in game dates to each event, I hope that’s okay.

Adventures on the Flatstone
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