Domain Of Dragons

Early Fall

1st of Liben: Desdamona and Kratos are asked to help escort harvests from some of the outlying farms, they leave.Nem, Domille, and Roywyn investigate the warehouse with unusual sounds, they discover and eliminate a nest of kenku.

2nd of Liben: A squirrel arrives carrying a message for Roywin. Party investigates disappearances in Haberlin. Sergeant Tanir Wranhorn gives them a message for Kratos which they do not open. They promise to bring samples to Dera.

5th of Liben: Party is invited to a luncheon at Lady Rillowy’s Estate. She suggest a black dragon living south of Olym Thalas may be responsible for the rain.

7th of Liben: Nyev and Poln give Domille a prophecy they think may relate to the party.

10th of Liben: Party departs Haberlin, heading east. Spending the night at the Order of Lekuulo.

11th of Liben: Party rescues Herida Anlem and Pollic Wain from gnolls. They tell the party about the attack on the town of Flatstone.


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