Domain Of Dragons

Jan 11 game summary from Domille

Don't judge my writing skills.

We saved 2 people, who are lost and traumatized. They warn us that there are devils (horned people with hooves) at the flatstone and to avoid crossing it. We reached flatstone and saw yellow, sweet smelling smoke coming from syncholes in the flatstone. We also found out that one of the people we saved is an sucre addict. We met a goatman on the flatstone who told us about SolEzmarua – a white dragon who ruled a long time ago. We found a gnoll camp that kidnapped a bunch of villagers. We lured out the snolls out of their camp into a trap and defeated them with some awesome traps.

When we were scouting the gnoll camp, we found an air pillar, gnolls dead and villagers gone. Domille got badass armor from Fairinduil. We follow goat and human footsteps out of the camp and found a round entrance in the ground with big metal doors. We fought the goat men and saved the villagers. We long rested at the village and sent the refugees to the big city appointing one of them as a leader.


janesamborski Domille

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