Domain Of Dragons

The Adventures of Nem, Kratos and Roywin

A 'quick' recap this time..

Down in the sunken Castle

  • As Nemeia and Kratos were stabilized and resting, Roywin analyzed her new ring. It seemed to glow with some kind of magic.

*Roywin noticed a magical (hidden) door, so when Kratos and Nem awoke they determined to find their way in. Roy found the hidden entry by pressing a stone into the wall. Inside, they discovered shelves upon shelves of ancient texts. They didn’t find anything particularly worth taking for themselves, but determined they would have to tell the school about this discovery as well as the library above.

*Next, the 3 determined to explore the staircase going up since they were still hearing weird whispering coming from below. There was a bedroom above, and again, not much of interest going on.

*Down the stairs, none of them could make out much of what was going on down there, but the stairs had fallen apart and things were in general disrepair. Kratos jumped down, about 10 feet, and managed to hurt himself. He did NOT land on his feet. From his place on the ground, he noticed a weird fleshy glob with hundreds of mouths gnashing the air and taking an interest in his presence. Before he could warn the others, however, Nem thought she was being smarter by lower herself down with a rope. Unfortunately, as soon as she landed the globby mass of gnashing mouths attacked and spit at them, blinding Nem and Kratos. Both were able to hurt the creature bit by bit, even though they were blinded, but the creature made the ground spongy and Kratos and Nem both sank into it. On the second attack, Nem passed out from injury and the creature started gnawing on her legs. Kratos went into a rage, tied Nem to his back and retreated up the rope. Roywin meanwhile had been casting spells at the creature from above (she was the smart one) and accidentally poisoned Nem. The creature kept shrieking and Kratos fell back into the hole – yes, he fell back into the hole. Together, he and Roywin killed the creature, and the floor returned to a solid state.

*Nem awoke, having stabilized once she was not being gnawed on anymore. The 3 friends explored this downstairs room which turned out to be a science laboratory focused on Necromancy. Roywin had a blast. She discovered a letter from the scientists about their trials and tribulations as well as tons and tons of books which she took with her. She now has the ability to learn a new necromatic spell once a day if she studies her books at night.

*Lastly, the group discovered an underground lake where Roywin felt that there was a very strong necromantic presence. Something we wil remember for later. On the way back to the surface Nem added to her personal library a beastiary book, that if she studies 1x a week she can have extra knowledge about creatures of the realm.

Back in Haberlin
*Back in town, the 3 made a decision to stay relatively lowkey. They hung out a lot at the Wicker Goat and listened to rumors of other vistitors – one of which was that a red dragon was spotted in Nymbrixon. They don’t know how valid this is. Another was that there was a very odd smell and noises coming from a warehouse in the warehouse district indicating there was some very odd creatures being held there. The 3 thought they might want to check this out later.

*Together they reported back to the college that there were librarys and librarys of ancient texts in the sunken castle (and they told them about the necromantic presence). Very thankful, Ess’wara told them she would pass that info to there necromancy master who might have more info for them later. She also warned them that they have discovered that the pillar of light was not the only one; that there were others (they don’t know where) popping up, and it was upsetting the balance of this plane. On the off-chance that the group would run into any more of these pillars, she gave them 3 sets of stones to take readings should they come across them.

*Back at the Wicker Goat drinking LeKull, the group is approached by the Silvestri, Isryn who is very apologetic for the way he approached them previously. He offers to rip up or adjust their contracts as much as necessary – he is just concerned for the well-being of the realm. Nem opts out, she would rather be a part of the shadows and on the side-lines (although she wants to continue to travel with this group). Roywin is the only other one who opts out because she is not even a part of this realm originally.

*The group has all been reunited now, and they attend the Maker’s Day Fair the next day….

(which I missed so…TB continued in another adventure log?)


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